Is a stun gun good to fend off loose dogs?

So when I push my wheelchair around my neighborhood, lots of people leave there dogs to run and not on a leash. If I get attached, i don’t just want to stun the dog, i want to kill it, will a stun gun work?

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  • A stun gun may, or may NOT BE legal. Killing a dog who come UP TO YOU, is 100% illegal. Mace or pepper spray will work FINE to ward off any would-be “attacking” dog. I suggest you also CALL Animal Control about the loose dogs that are running around, in your neighborhood, UNLESS you have NO LEASH LAWS. If any dog ATTACKS you, then AFTER using mace or your stun gun (if legal) you need to call 911 or the police, ASAP and REPORT the attack.

  • If you get attached to a dog, why would you want to kill it?

    Loose dogs should be reported to Animal Control. It is against the law to allow dogs to roam the streets.

    I think the word you were looking for is ‘attacked’ & not ‘attached’. If your street is not safe for you to be out in, call the authorities & get something dog about the dogs.

    Make the people in your neighborhood abide by the laws & report the loose dogs to Animal Control.

  • Consider, the only time such weapon could legally be used is if you were indeed attacked by an aggressive dog.

    Any use otherwise, can land you in jail and worse.

    Many jurisdictions require licenses to carry a taser or stun gun, just like a gun.

  • It is possible that they could have an extreme reaction that would kill it, but please do not do so. If it does attack, stunning it will make sure it will not continue

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