Is a tattoo of “Never cheat the man in the glass” a good idea?

I’ve always loved the poem The Man in the Glass by Dale Wimbrow and wanted to get a tattoo in reference to it. I like the idea of having it say “Never cheat the man in the glass” to convey the message that you should stay true to yourself. It’s not an impluse tattoo that means nothing. I’ve been thinking about it for years and it has meaning to it. I want to get it on my ribcage in two lines. What do you guys think? Thanks for your input!

4 Answers

  • That’s a beautiful poem and sounds very meaningful I’d say go for it

  • NO I have seen plenty of women cheat on great husbands for no reason other than lust and destroying families and hearts along the way. I do know that in some cultures men are spoiled from birth by mother and any sisters so they are catered to and cheating by these men is just ignored, “men will be men” but it is a double standard as women who cheat in these cultures are labeled damaged/sluts I think the brain should be the organ which separates men and women from acting like animals I am female but am tired of hearing men are dogs and deadbeat dads when there are mothers who are deadbeat moms and women who are in heat b i t c h e s we want equality and it should not just be in pay

  • Beautiful poem (read it,myself) Beautiful spot to put it. And unique! If you want it & like it … DO IT 🙂

  • I dont get it, but if you want to go ahead. Just make sure tis really what you want

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