Is a Toyota Corolla AWD (All Wheel Drive)?

I might get a corolla as my first car. Is it a good car and is it in AWD or what? Thanks.

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  • For the current model line up no, they are all front wheel drive cars (FWD). Some older models had AWD as the previous users have stated. The Corolla is a lower end car in the Toyota line up, they’re not going to invest in a more complicated and expensive drive train for that model.

  • As steve L said, AWD means ALL Wheel Drive. The only Corolla offered in AWD were the All Trac models from the late 80’s early 90’s. Those are very rare finds. All other Corollas are front wheel drive from that time to present. They are generally very good cars though. So good that the Corolla is the World’s Best Selling Car. Shows what type of reputation this car has.

  • One of the limitations of the Toyota Corolla has always been its Front-Wheel-Drive setup, however Toyota is currently selling an All Wheel Drive version of the Corolla (called Toyota Blade) in Japan.

    Oone of the Corolla’s engineers (Soichiro Okudaira) who was happy to admit the Corolla is capable of supporting a V6 engine!

    In Europe, Toyota is set to launch a V6 AWD Corolla to compete with the increasingly stronger competition. Given the Toyota Blade is already selling in Japan, the all wheel drive system has already been implemented (and tested) in the new Corolla – so the hard work is already done.

  • Toyota Corolla All Trac

  • Yes the Corolla XRS came in AWD aswell during the 2nd gen Matrix years but only about 500 were made for the USA and are hard to find


    From everything I have ever heard and seen most of the corollas of the 90’s as well as any other car in the same class were front wheel drive for the most part and that includes the DX. I quickly looked online and found this info from Edmunds: “the 1993 Corolla sedan and wagon moved up a size classification from “subcompact” to “compact” according to the EPA. Sedans were offered in standard, DX and LE trim, while a front-wheel-drive wagon was offered in DX trim only.”

  • AWD = All Wheel Drive

  • yes and yes

  • NO

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