Is Anime for losers…?

I've always wondered, why is that so many people are into Anime? Why is it so popular?

That's not the question, however - the question is, are Anime lovers losers!?

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  • I've often wondered why Anime has become so popular in the US in recent years. The shows have interesting enough stories, IMO, but the dialogue (as they are translations) is atrocious. When I was younger, there were cartoon that were actually made with US and English speaking audiences in mind, so we didn't have to translate and possibly miss out on things that are cultural differences.

    Last time I tried to watch Anime I got so confused, it ruined it for me. The cultures are so different I get lost. For example: all the younger characters are in school uniforms, they all wear weird outfits with seemingly no explanation, strange hair and even stranger, they all seem obsessed with gender-bending (guys that become girls or vice-versa). If we decide this is to be the face of American cartoons, why not adopt urination pornography or other disturbing cultural performances?

    That being said, it is just my opinion, and I don't think anyone should judge those who do like it. Anime might not be your favorite thing, but maybe you like peanut butter and mayonaise sandwiches. My point is that different people like different things, we shouldn't call them losers because of it.

  • Anime Is For Losers

  • Anime isn't for losers

    Anime, is not Cartoons. WHY DON'T PEOPLE GET IT?

    Anime is addictive, because it makes your imagination better :3

    I am an otaku, a person who knows a lot about anime. It's also addictive because, there is action, drama, tsundure, yandare, lolicones, and many more :3 WATCH ANIME!!!

  • Anime is just another thing to love--whether it's collecting rocks or singing in a band, there's always going to be "losers". It also depends on what you think a loser is. To me, a loser is someone who is lazy and doesn't do anything for him/herself or society. You might think a loser is that weird kid who doesn't like taking to anyone. Some anime lovers are like that, some are not.

    It depends on the person.

  • No!! Anime is not for losers!!!! I'm an Otaku and you should watch one at least one then ask your self "Do I like Anime?" If you said yes Good!

  • it is the way that toddlers are. They take place to creating exciting of anime youngsters good now, yet they could make exciting of extremely much each and each man or woman. I understand you thoughts. i don't prefer human beings to chat approximately me that way the two. Its not honest, they are making superficial judgements in keeping with stereotypes. i don't see how they get away with it; what they are doing is an identical factor as asserting, "All black human beings eat fried poultry and grape soda and are stupid." it relatively is punctiliously incorrect. people who're like that could desire to make exciting of something nonetheless. in the event that they have been a jock, they could make exciting of the susceptible or fat youngsters. in the event that they have been a cheer chief, they could make exciting of the less extremely ladies. they could consistently discover something new to make exciting of. for this reason with anime, anime= diverse = extraordinary. something it is diverse could desire to be made exciting of. Their genralization of all anime followers is ridiclues and smug. In constructive that what they could be real some few anime followers, notwithstanding it is not real for the typical public of anime followers. I for one am not something like what they are asserting. i'm a school student with a three.5, I also have a vehicle and appartment, I artwork complete time as an authorized Nursing Assistant, and my pastimes are geocatshing, bowling, amassing manga and watching anime. extremely widely used. and that's the way maximum followers are. i could say be chuffed you're starting to be old. as quickly as you get out of highschool and alter into area of the real international, you will not could desire to concern approximately this a lot. For the main area, as quickly as you go away extreme college, human beings initiate performing like adults and teating different individuals with understand.

  • let me say it this wey.

    anime = cartoons

    most anime lover called them self as "Otaku" becouse they are too "LAZY" to make a research or anything to know them better,

    based by what we can find in the internet, i found some information about the "REAL" meaning of the word " Otaku", based in japanese term, it was actualy a insult for some one thet masively obsessed with something,untill they unable to relate to reality, and its also can be term as geek or nerd,

    you can see the info from hire:

    also, based by some people, their also some people thet like to insult them wihout no reason and its clearly they just do it for "fun",

    thet is all from me, hope for no hard feelings about any of my words thet meybe make anyone feel insulted or anything.

    ps.sry for my weakest in english, :3

  • Yes a million times yes. Anime is the Japanese garbage that only loners watch to feel ****

  • lets face it, Japan is a hell of a lot better than America when it comes to anime vs cartoons

  • yes anime is for losers, the high pitched voices, and the stupidly dressed cartoon characters want me to kill myself. anime is fuking retarded and only pedos masturbait over it.

  • I watch Anime, well only Bleach and a few select others, Elfen Lied. but with the violence and things it makes it feel like a cartoon for adults. I feel silly watching spongebob, well thats my reason for watching anime. I'm 20 btw

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