Is applesauce okay for dogs?

My 3yr old Pomeranian won’t eat his food unless I mix a small amount of people food with it(beef, chicken etc..), however he is putting on alot of weight. Is applesauce okay to mix with the dry food.

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  • The simple answer is this… stop mixing things in. Your dog will not starve.. when it is hungry it will give in and eat the dry food.

    What you’ve done is re-enforced his bad behavior by mixing in extra yummy very fatty and unhealthy food into his bowl when he shows you he won’t eat it. Because of that, he knows that he can get all this extra yummy food by not eating his food without. It works for him, and you let it.

    Cut out the people food and give him the allotted amount of food by itself. Leave it down for a half hour to an hour in the morning, then pick it up. (I assume you’re feeding him twice a day? Free-feeding tends to be unhealthy.) Do the same at night. (If you really feel like you must, then you can leave the full bowl out all the time, but under NO circumstances should you give him anything else but the plain food.) When he realizes you aren’t going to give in and give him the extra things he wants, he will eat his plain food. When he gets hungry enough he WILL EAT. Trust me, he will without a doubt. Odds are it will happen in 12-48 hours. He may not eat it all at first but he’ll learn. Depend on how you feel its hard.. but he needs to re-learn the habits.

    This ONLY works if YOU follow through. Dogs don’t need anything extra, we just like to be sweet and do it and then they pay the price in bad diets.

  • Applesauce For Dogs

  • A dog should be trained on how to eat, walk with you, not to bark, potty training and sleep on its place etc. You can teach anything to your puppy, dogs get trained easily with some good instructions. If you want some good training tips visit

    If properly trained, they should also understand whistle and gesture equivalents for all the relevant commands, e.g. short whistle or finger raised sit, long whistle or flat hand lay down, and so on.

    It’s important that they also get gestures and whistles as voice may not be sufficient over long distances and under certain circumstances.

  • yes but no too much only about 1/3 of a cup also u can cut up little pieces of apple and that way ur dog eats and its eating something healthy

  • It is full of sugar and not that great for their teeth. Have you tried plain organic yogurt or plain pumpkin? How about a little low sodium chicken broth?

    Good luck!

  • Yes you can as long as it’s organic. Organic apple sauce contains of organic apples, water & absorbing acid (vitamin c), it’s really healthy for them. My dogs are obsessed! Also try Organic coconut oil, I mix their dry food with about a tablespoon of coconut oil every day and they are very healthy, energetic and have a beautiful fur coat!

  • Yes but a better option is canned pumpkin. Not the pumpkin pie variety. It is lower in calories and sugar, and has lots of fiber which is good for filling up a hungry pup, and also good for stools.


    just a little & not every day other wise you & your dog will be outside more for potty visits

  • I actually have a Pomeranian, but if he likes it go ahead. The only things your dogs cant eat is chocolate because it makes them develop heart worms,and the only reason people say don’t feed your dog human food is because they don’t want them to become spoiled and not like there own DOG food. I feed my dog human food but he still loves his kibble, ha ha. And about her not eating her dog food why don’t you try feeding her soft dog food, and not the gritty kind they kind that’s cut up because most like he wont know the difference between that and human food!

    Good luck!

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