Is Atlanta a big city or a small city?

32 Answers

  • Atlanta is a beautiful big city. I lived 45 minutes south of Atlanta for 3 years. I loved it. Hope this helps

  • It is a big city.

  • It is a big city. ……………………

  • With approximate residents of 506, 811, Atlanta, it’s additionally the thirty-seventh, most densely populated towns in the US. The town serves as the economy and cultural hub of the Atlanta metropolitan region. Homestead to more than six million folks and the ninth-largest urban area in the country. 

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  • if its a capital city, it must be big.

  • The size of Atlanta is 136.8 mi². On the other hand, the size of New York is 468 sq. m, the size of chicago 234 sq m, etc. So this shows that Atlanta is a small city. 

  • Atlanta a big city not small.

  • yes it is    .

  • It’s a major city. 

  • If it was a small city, perhaps it wouldn’t be a target for the “protestors”.

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