Is Bachendorff a good brand of violin?

I went to Lyric Piano’s website and found out that the brand they’re selling is Bachendorff. Is it a good brand? I’m from the Philippines so I hope a Filipino violinist can answer this.

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  • Some of the models are absolute junk, the highest priced ones might be worth looking at. I totally disagree with Jonathan, a 20,000 peso PHP violin is only around $500. That is an ok beginner violin, no where near the quality of a college musician or not even in the same hemisphere as a professional would need. I am sure that the cost to make a violin in the Philippines (the Bachendorff violins if they are even made there and are not simply Chinese imports) is lower than many countries but probably not as low as a Chinese import. Chinese made instruments that cost less than around $300 US or PHP12,000 are not worth purchasing.

  • By far, it is one of the, perhaps “best” retail violins ever. I suggest you not buy crappy Mozart violins. The makers always have defective violins.

    Do get the one not painted. It is probably best to maintain a glossy wood finish than a painted glossy wood finish. If you are entering UST Conservatory of Music or UP College of Music (or any music school), it would not be allowed to have a colored violin. You will become a laughingstock, trust me. Mine was a redwood Ashton and it is not pretty to be observed.

    Don’t buy the cheapest Bachendorff. Being “okay” is not good. Being “good” is better. Allot a budget more or less 6,000 Pesos if you are hunting for beginner violins. Try it off yourself, play scales or stuff OR look for the violin teacher (kung meron) and ask them to play for you (or perhaps choose for you).

    However, if you are choosing your professional looking/sounding violin, buy abroad or have the budget lowest at 11,000 Pesos. Most violin majors I know from UST hail from 20,000 or so.

    Additional tip: Among my friends, their strings are Pirastro, dominant strings about 5,000 pesos per set. If your violin is priced 11,000 or more, I would suggest changing them.

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