is bologna bad for you?

i have been eating alot of it lately and i was wondering if it was high in fats and such ?

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  • all processed foods are much worse for you than fresh food. bologna is very high and fat and sodium, it’s probably one of the worst deli meats. if you are a fan of eating cold cuts, turkey is probably your best bet 🙂

  • I won’t touch the stuff, but I’ll bet if you read the nutritional info on the package, it’ll tell you it’s about 18 or more grams of fat per serving. It really is high in fat and sodium. But, to each his own. You like it? Eat it.

  • Is Bologna Bad For You

  • Well, I would say cut meats like cнιcκen, turkey, ham and beef are more healthful than bologna.

    As you know what meat you are getting instead of everything mashed together.

  • Any thing is bad for you you eat too much of it..

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