Is a scam?

I’m starting college in the fall and i really can’t afford the prices that the books are so I’m looking through cheaper ways of getting my books and that is how i found

I was also wondering if a teacher asks for a custom book does that necessarily mean that it needs to be specially made for the school, or are they going overboard and the same edition of the book is fine(that is rented from the internet).

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  • Bookrenter is a legitimate book rental site. Chegg is a popular site but personally I don’t think it’s the best one out there. There are a few other book rental sites out there that you may like better. You should check out this article to see the pros and cons of each major book rental site:…

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  • DO NOT USE THEM!!! its not a scam but the customer service is horrible. I returned my book and they still charged me for an automatic extension. When i called to tell them I had already returned the book and i have an email from them confirming this and to get a refund for the auto extension they charged, they said they couldn’t do anything because it had already been charged. WORST customer service!! before that I was on hold for so long!! there are much better sites out there! don’t use them! in the long rung you will end up paying more because they’ll keep charging you.

  • Book Renter is such a scam. DON’T USE THEM. Much better, affordable sites out there for books. I’m reading everyone’s experiences, mostly the bad, and I can completely relate. Somehow, my books got “lost” when I mailed them back to return them. If you don’t put the adequate labeling printed off from the website when you return the books, congratulations! Now your bank account is Book Renters cookie jar that they dip into just about every week with small fees that quickly add up. Their customer service is WRONG. Not helpful at all. They told me that my books “may have been returned to the warehouse” but there is no way of them knowing for sure. So helpful. They talked to me like I was an idiot and had no answers as to where my books were. Funny thing is, when I took it to the post office it was fine! They took the books and let me return them, no charge. Thanks to them, this scam of a website costed me about $300 overall, first with the text book rental, then the late fees, then eventually buying out the books so they would leave me and my account alone. I had to close my credit card so that they would stop digging into my account, then my phone blew up with warnings to return my books. Avoid all of these ridiculous expenses and horrible experiences by just not using them! You’ve been warned!

  • I can not believe how unprofessional is this people affecting their customers and they do not even care, I order a book on 7/19 I pay extra for 2 day shipping so with the 2 day processing the book should to be in my house by 7/22 o 7/25 at the very latest, i been calling and chatting and sending request but they never have an answer, bottom line is 7/26 and the book still in warehouse!!!!!!! They did not even processed yet!!!! ANd finally today in one of the calls they say that they need some extra information (BS) but never call or email me or anything NO COMMUNICATION AT ALL to let me know what they need to process and ship the book but that is not all they do not even address the issue they forward you to another department that you have to call which by the way do not open until 10am PTS so if you are in East coast you already lose another day until you can contact them and still waiting for them to call or address the issue,

    I was in urgent need of the book to study for a test and never ever got it so if you really need a book, value your time and money STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! as much as you can from this fraudulent company.

    ps: Still waiting… no book, no refunds,,,,no nothing!

  • “I have rented from this company twice…the first time I order a total of four books, received three and the other was returned. They stated that I gave the wrong address…keep in mind, I received the other three to the correct address… Two weeks into my class I was notified… I ordered the books well in advance. They tell you the shipping is within a couple of days. That is not true. The customer service was crappy and the only response was that they were issuing a refund. They would not offer a replacement or anything. I needed the book, thats why I ordered it. At that point, I thought I would never order from them again. Well my stupid tail was enticed by the cheap prices again so I tried it again. Again, one book was stuck in processing and was never delivered. I contacted them and again their only response was refund. I was told that a replacement book would be sent this time, but after a couple of days, I saw that that one was cancelled. Really !!!! A few days later Im looking at my bank statement and they charged my credit card another 75.00. I was suppose to receive a refund and they charged me. People I know the prices are cheap but beware. Customer Service is crappy and they really dont care about the students”

  • 2014… BEWARE…this place is running a scam.

    I’m a grad student and when i was returning the book I rented from there last semester I noticed that there was another book rented under my name. I refuted it and after many refutes I was charged for the book plus the rental fee. To me, this is the perfect scam and probably an inside job. Some employee(s) enter into their system books that customers didn’t rent, the company gets the $ from the customers to replace these ‘missing’ books and the employees may be selling them via ebay. Beware… I should have taken the reviews about this company seriously and steered away from this place.

  • Hey students on here looking for textbooks, I would very strongly advise staying away from the company I ordered a textbook from them last Sunday and I tracked it all the way to Knoxville with the convenient tacking number. I checked it on the 27th and for some reason the UPS tracking said that it was undeliverable. I contacted BookRenter and they told me that it was at the local post office and that I would be able to pick it up there. Not a big deal, mistakes happen. I left to get the textbook minutes after they told me it was there, but the USPS no longer had it. I thought that was strange and confirmed that it was the correct address, which it was. I contacted BookRenter today and asked what was going on. After being handed off and treated very poorly over the phone, I was told that they no longer intended to get me my book by the “guaranteed” date of September 3 BUT they would be keeping my money until then.

    I am sorry to put a black mark on a company, but I have been more than reasonable with them. I understand mistakes happen that are out of their control, but it is still their responsibility to fulfill what they promised, have at least decent customer service, and to return what I paid them when they bluntly stated they no longer intended to do what they were suppose to. They have put me over a week behind in my class so I wanted to warn others before doing business with this particular company.

  • Did anyone get the dreaded tracking number email from Bookrenter? “Hi! Your books have shipped! Here s the UPS tracking number!” So, then you click on the number and it goes to a site that says “tracking information is available at this time.” You call UPS and give them the number and they tell you it s not their number that s it some internal tracking number with Bookrenter. You “live chat” with Bookrenter (because they don t have a customer service number – should have been a red flag!) and they just never really answer your question about where it is. As long as you re in the 3-7 business day delivery time frame, they won t do anything! Awful! Bush league! If I do manage to get the books delivered, I m terrified of sending them back because of all the horror stories above!

  • Just a heads up to any of you who may use BookRenter. DON’T USE THEM. Over a year ago, I was nice and helped out a friend, who didn’t have a bank account at the time, purchase their textbooks for college. (This was for the Fall of 2013). Now almost a year later, I have had 5 charges taken out of my bank account because the books rented this Spring, under one of this person’s credit cards, were lost in transit when they were returned. None of the Customer Service representatives have been helpful. Their answer is that when I purchased the first round of books over a year ago, I agreed to let them charge my card for any future transactions. They have contradictory information on their website. Stating that your card information isn’t retained after the transaction is completed but then in another section they state that they can charge any card ever used if a card should be declined or have insufficient funds available. So, essentially, if your parents, your grandparents, Aunts, or Uncles would be nice and rent your books for you to help out; they can be responsible for any order you make in the future. No notification was given at all. I logged into my bank account to see that the card was charged.

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