Is Bruno Mars a midget?

I'm sorry. I don't have a problem with it or anything, I love him and his music. He's awesome. But I'm just curious, when he performed on some adwards show, it looked like he was a midget or dwarf or whatever. Especially next to Travie McCoy...

And I'm serious any little people out there don't be offended please.

Thanks 🙂



Gee, thanks

5 Answers

  • No, in an interview he said he was 5'5

  • There are too many lies about his height One here is a few different figures He is around 5 foot from the look of people he is standing beside

  • Nope.

    He is short, though. He is under 5'7 but above 4'10, so technically he isn't a midget. He's just very short.

  • yes

  • he is 5'8

    thats not midget

    its average height

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