is cannabis a weed????????

is weed a type/speciease of plant? what made people call marijuana weed? its nothing like a weed, the final product, not how it grows

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  • Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants. There are species of cannabis.

    A weed grows just like any plant. The nickname weed for the Cannabis we know as marijuana is from the writings mentioning a “noted weed”.

    Many things are grown for a final product. Really – lose the bud avatar!

  • Is Weed A Weed


    Three main reasons I can think of: 1. It’s an illegal drug. People go nuts over drugs for any reason (although it’s amusing/ironic how many people don’t consider the most recreationally used drugs; nicotine, caffeine & alcohol) 2. Most strains of cannabis are far stronger than we had in the 60’s/70’s. Obviously this is only from the major advances we’ve had in botany over the past decades 3. Everyone’s into “mental problems”. The amount of people I’ve seen blame mental conditions on drugs. It drives me mad. My girlfriend recently went into hosiptal because of spontaneous liver failure. She hardly used to drink (and I MEAN hardly!), she’s not done any recreational drugs, and her liver decides to shut down. There were some women on her ward who had been in and out of that hospital at least 5 times. They’ll come in with liver failure, get help, leave, drink s**t loads of booze only for the liver to f**k up again. When the HELL will people realise that it’s not cannabis that’s the problem, it’s ALCOHOL… Sorry, you’ve made me start to rant now! lol

  • Is Marijuana A Weed

  • Cannabis IS weed.

  • It is a very invasive plant in its natural habitat and yes, it is a weed because it grows where you don’t want it to!

  • a weed is something that you do not want in your yard.

    well, the government and most people are against weed.

    hence the term.. “weed” 🙂

  • Yes, it is weed.

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