IS Christian and Roman Catholic the Same Thing?

Tell me the difference.

Please no offending or rude answers. Is their belief system different? Communion, confession, is it in the Christian religion?



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  • There are over 30,000 denominations of Christianity. Roman Catholic is one of them and I believe it might be the largest but I’m not sure.

    The term catholic (small c) means universal church and so, if you were to refer to the catholic church you would be referring to the Christian Church (all Christians). This is a subtle but meaningful distinction. Especially in the Nicene Creed.

    The Christian Church has had conflicting beliefs since its beginning. Even when Jesus walked on Earth, Judas betrayed him, Peter denied him, Thomas doubted him, etc. You might say the first Christian church council to resolve such conflicts was held when Peter and Paul argued the right of Gentiles to become Christians.

    There have been splits in the original Christian Church often throughout its existence. The Great Schism occurred when the Eastern Orthodox church split from the Roman Catholic church. There were smaller splits before that but the Great Schism virtually split the catholic church in half.

    The first Protestant church (Lutherans) was started when Martin Luther split from the Roman Catholic church. Martin Luther’s movement is called the Reformation. A backlash of the Reformation that occurred within the Roman Catholic church is called the Counter-Reformation which included the Inquisitions.

    So, as many above pointed out, all Roman Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Roman Catholics. The splits in the church occur because of differences in theology. It obviously takes a lot of differences to create so many denominations.

    Thus completes my short probably errant summary of the Christian Church. I believe that I have accomplished my goal of showing my lack of knowledge without being rude.

  • Over the years, Roman Catholicism has come to be regarded as a denomination of Christianity, while the Roman Catholic Church (this is my understanding, anyway) regards itself as the only legitimate Christian church. And there are some individual Protestants who believe that there is no way that Catholics can be considered Christians.

    The Church of Christ, meanwhile, believe that everybody who’s not Church of Christ is going to Hell.

  • All Roman Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Roman Catholics. Some Christians are Protestants, some are Orthodox, and some belong to smaller sects.

    Some Christians (particularly some Christians who are Protestants) would have you believe that Roman Catholics are NOT Christians. But these Christians have a poor understanding of history, of Christian doctrine, and (in many cases) of their own faith.

  • No, Roman Catholics or Catholicism is not the same thing as Christianity. I understand that Catholicism includes practices and beliefs that are fundamentally against Christianity. For example, the worship of humans such as Mary and the Saints vs. worship of God and God only. Another one is the difference in Catholics merit-based salvation vs. the Christianity’s pure grace-based salvation. These are so fundamental that it clearly divides them separately, and catholicism is not christianity.

  • All Roman Catholics are Christians. Not all Christians are Roman Catholics.

  • Yes, Catholics are Christians. In fact we are the very first Christians. All other denominations are branched off and split from the original Catholic Church.

    All that Protestants do and practice is a variety of or watered down version of the Catholic teachings.

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    IS Christian and Roman Catholic the Same Thing?

    Tell me the difference.

    Please no offending or rude answers. Is their belief system different? Communion, confession, is it in the Christian religion?


    Catholics are Christians. What are the differences between Catholics and other Christian denominations? Catholics are required to accept the tenants expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Other Christian denominations will not accept one or more of those tenants.

  • No.

    I believe the Christian you are referring to is The Protestant.

    The Protestants don’t believe that Mary is a Virgin, but The Roman Catholics believes the opposite.

    The Protestants don’t have a pope, like the Roman Catholics have.

  • Roman catholic is probably one of the earliest Christian denominations. You can say roman catholicism is christianity, but you can’t say Christianity is roman catholicism because there are hundreds of denominations.

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