Is Ciel from Kuroѕнι𝓉suji a boy or a girl?

I’m so confused. I’ve seen Ciel as both. I need to know!! D:

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  • Ciel is definitely a BOY.


    In episode 4 of the anime, he has to dress up as a girl to get information from Viscount Druitt but after that, he nevers wears the pink dress again (unfortunately xD)

    Here’s a couple of screenshots of the episode (scroll down a bit until you see girl Ciel :3)…

    This also follows chapter 7 of the manga where he is in the same situation.

    Here’s the first page he appears as a girl in:ѕнι𝓉suji/7/06/

    I hope this helped :3

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    Is Ciel from Kuroѕнι𝓉suji a boy or a girl?

    I'm so confused. I've seen Ciel as both. I need to know!! D:

  • Ciel As A Girl

  • Well Ciel is A Girl!! Theres A Movie (Called Black Butler) xD You Should Watch It! Its A Great Movie! Its All The Episodes From Black Butler Mixed In A Movie!!

  • Black Butler Ciel Dress

  • lol, yeah, he’s most definitly a boy, but he’s kind of a dandy XD It’s so cute how most people think he’s a girl! Also, if you’re wondering the same about Alois, yes, he’s a boy too, and yes they have both dressed up as girlss before X"D

  • The movie claims he is a girl disguised as a boy 1:04:40

  • D<

    Ciel is a BOY!

    During one part of the anime he does wear a dress!

    But he is a boy.

    he is a cutie~~<3

  • I’d personally wear the blue one, it’s cool looking. :3 but you can find cosplays at cosplay stores online, that’s what I do.

  • Ciel is a male. 😀

    The pictures you’ve seen of him as a girl have actually been him in girl’s clothes (he has to go undercover as a female in an episode, but he’s still a male).

    Ciel in a dress –…

    (note how he looks kind of uncomfortable… lol)

    Ciel’s regular appearance –………

    See the difference? When he’s not undercover, you can see he is definitely a boy!

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