Is clothes dryer exhaust coming through my window dangerous?


My apartment window is right above the dryer exhaust for my building.  Sometimes when I open the window , I get a little of the exhaust come inside my apartment depending on the wind.  Is this dangerous?

Since “answers” is shutting down soon, this will probably be my last question.  I appreciate everybody’s help with this!

9 Answers

  • Unless youre drying something toxic, the exhaust is just hot, moist air. It shouldnt do you any harm

  • That should be hot moist air.  I would not want it to come in.  Talk to the LL and see if he has a solution. You are paying rent so he works for you. It could be stink if it is wet socks…from the football team.

  • Not really.It would be annoying though.

  • Not likely but you can buy a carbon monoxide detector for much less than a trip to the ER

  • If it is a gas dryer then it could be. If it is electric, not really.  Increased humidity can alwasy lead to mold and such, but you situation doesn’t sound like it would be an issue.

  • It is not dangerous at all. It is just moist air that has been run through the dryer. 

  • It’s just, moist air.  It’s not dangerous. 

  • It is only water – and no worse than a steaming kettle. You exhaust it to avoid making your apartment damp.

  • Not dangerous. If it bothers you, keep the window shut.

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