Is Danny Devito a Dwarf?

Although Danny Devito likes to claim he is 5 foot tall, when measured on Always sunny in philadelpha for a skit, turns out he was 4′ 10”, or more exactly 147 cm. I have never been satisfied on whether he is a ‘dwarf’ or not, not that it really matters, but it does make my brain race in thought trying to figure this out. According to wikipedia: Dwarfism is a medical disorder with the sole requirement being an adult height under 147 cm. Well if Danny is now known to be exactly 147 cm, does that mean he is indeed a dawrf? Or is he 1 cm off?

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  • If medical studies show height 4′ 10″ is consider dwarfism and Devito measures 4′ 10″ then yes he is a dwarf.

    You have to draw the line some where…it is what it is.

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  • Danny Devito is 5 feet tall, while that makes him short it doesnt put him in the dwarf category either.

  • I am 5 one and three quarters and am 65. I used to be 5 2 and a half. My entire family is about the the same size, give or take one or two inches. We are normally proportioned and never thought of of ourselves as short, and rarely that. As a kid I thought everyone was our size. Since then it seems everyone else has some sort of freakish tall syndrome. Dwarves are Little people. We are the Randy Newman-style “Short People”.

  • At one time he may have been 5’0″. Men shrink as they get older. I wasn’t able to find information about him having Fairbanks disease. I would just say he’s just of short stature. I, myself have a rare congenital disorder and only reached a height of 4’8″. I am still uncertain whether or not I consider myself a LP.

  • A dwarf is a person whose upper body is of average height but their lower body is very short and out of proportion.

  • he has Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasure its a bone disease that affects the growing ends of bones . Most men with this disease grow to about 5 0 to 5 3″ women 2 inches shorter

  • No he has Fairbanks disease according to Wikapedia like Robert Reich former Economic Secretary under president Clinton and now a movie guy himself!

  • No he is not a dwarf. He is just a little short.

  • I had a meal with him in a restaurant in Gloucester back in 2003. Charming bloke but stingy. Refused to pay his half of the bill – he said “I’m a little short”. I was livid.

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