is deforestation necessary for advancement and development?

do we _have_ to clear forests just for society to develope and further modernize? is it possible to build a nation and still be ecologically friendly? to what extent? when can we stop killing our forests for the ‘greater good’ of society?

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  • Cutting down trees isn’t inherently bad. As long as you don’t cut down too many trees in one place, and replant trees it’s fine. It’s only when you do massive, destructive clear-cutting type deforestation (like in the Amazon) that there’s any real impact.

    Without materials for building things the only thing for us is hunting and gathering and that just won’t work.

    It is necessary for modern society and it won’t stop, but it’s the least of our worries. It is quite possible to be ecologically friendly.

  • Deforestation Is Necessary For Development

  • yes because how can we feed 9 billions of people by 2050 ? 75% of the worlds poverty can be cured by agriculture and the land which is being used is not sufficient to meet the expenses. the vegetables are not reachable to a common person which means that we need more land for cultivation. so deforestation is necessary

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