Is DENMARK AUDIO a good brand???

Found a home theater system that looks pretty good, It is a DENMARK AUDIO DA-850, Was wondering if anyone has heard of this brand or this particular model? is it good quality? Is the sound as good as the price tag suggests (RRP 5,999)?

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  • I will confirm that Denmark loudspeakers are a white van scam brand, having seen them in operation. DO NOT BUY THEM.

  • Denmark Audio


    There are some quality companies overseas (e.g. Dantax from Denmark) that are not known in the US, but more often than not, there are white van speaker companies (e.g. Audio Response) that try to peddle their crap and label it “high-end” with a huge sticker price to attempt to make a killing off of the unknowing. Most importantly, how do they sound and look? If they sound good, nothing else really matters, right? If they sound bad, then you know your brother got swindled.

  • I strongly doubt it. Stay with what you know, or at least what you can reference from a 3rd party. For example, Hsu Research is a good choice for a home theater system, and there are lots of references and reviews online and in print.

  • I got a pair of those that one of my neighbors was throwing out. I saved the drivers that were good (he blew them out somehow), but overall, that is not a great speaker system.

  • are they being sold out of the back of a white van?

    it sounds like “white van speakers”

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