Is dieting mandatory for treating type 2 diabetes or can it just be exercise?

I would honestly rather get in shape than have to sacrifice the foods/drinks I have that got me here. I mean, cutting back a little is fine. But is exercise enough to remedy it or do you HAVE to put in an effort to cut back on what you have? Granted I only just started noticing the signs and I don’t know how long it’s been there, but if there’s a way to treat it AND not need medication or dieting, that’d be nice. Otherwise death is the better option, in my opinion.

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  • Dieting is actually better for diabetes than excersize. Of course the combo is best. Start by gradually cutting down carbs and then portions slowly not cold turckey. And you dont have to completely give your favs up.

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  • Your body struggles to get rid of the sugars so diet is important , exersize can make a difference if it is solely due to you being over weight but still unlikely

  • plenty online about it. You just have to cut down on sugar.

    You cannot diagnose yourself as there are NO symptoms, it needs a blood test.

  • Diet fixes almost everything with the human body.

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