Is a safe site?

No, this website installs malicious software into your local app data folder, which then tries to connect to a remote IP. The exe file is usually three letters long.

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  • I think it's safe. Just do not download content from ads or any software for live streaming. In brief you can trust the site but not the ads.

    Source(s): My exp
  • Yes it's safe, both McAfee Site Advisor and AVG Site Report have marked this site as safe which you can see by the green tick icons next to the site link on google search if you run either of these. I've never had a problem with it and my AVG has never had to block anything from

    Just don't click on any ads on any site as a rule.

  • Yes, it is safe.

    I haven't experienced anything bad since I started using it.

    Its actually a great site for streaming live sports.

    A suggestion for you is to USE FIREFOX WITH adblock addon.

    this way any annoying ads will be gone. if some ads is still visible in any site, then u can just right click and block image or frame. boom.

    if u really wanna be safe, get the "noscript" add on too.

    edit: i also found a site that checked it if its safe or not if u want credibility lol

  • I have been using for almost a year and never had a problem. Like what the others mentioned, have some type of security software installed and don't click on the ads especially the ones asking you to update your flash with them. I have acessed this site from multiple computers who were running AVG, Norton, McAfee, Vipre and Kaspersky and they all said the site was good.

  • If you have the appropriate level of security on your machine, there's no danger at all. I run both AVG and MSE on my machine and the site has never been flagged. I've been accessing the site since the start of the college football season.

    Anyone who has a problem w/ it probably hasn't secured their machine or perhaps wants to spread some disinformation--the cable companies hate sites like FirstRow.

    Source(s): certified systems engineer w/ extensive experience
  • Firstrow Sports

  • I've never had a single issue until today, and that's just that the site appears to be... gone?

  • No. they have recently re-configured the site with a far more aggressive advertising setup. Ad links are purposely made to look like buttons that are supposed to close the ad so you can watch the video stream. This results in you clicking on ads that direct you to malicious sites, when all you thought you were doing was closing the ad. The site used to be good, but has severely gone down hill. I understand that they make revenue from ads, but there are plenty of ads out there that you can run that aren t designed to attack your users computers. Some quality control on the ad content is severely needed.

  • Firstrowsports

  • You are correct. This website launched malicious attacks by installing an exe file in your appdata folder and launching it, to connect to a remote IP.

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