Is guinea pig “wheeking” noise a HAPPY noise or not?

I have a friend who has had a guinea pig for almost a year now. I just met it a few days ago. She is convinced that when they making a “wheeking” noise, it means that they’re happy. Having never seen a guinea pig before I figured she was right, but after I actually saw the thing making that noise, it seemed more like a frightened noise. It made that noise when she tried to pull it out of the cage and when she was holding it. It made the same noise when it was hungry. I am just curious if that strange noise really is a “happy” sound.

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  • It depends what they are “wheeking” for. Do they wheek when she has the veggies out? Do they just wheek whenever? When do they wheek and why? If you want to hear these noises refer to these sites.……

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  • You really have to listen closely to the wheek of a guinea pig as they have many sounds they make and they all have a different meaning, from what you have described though nothing sounded like it was pain or anger.

  • guinea pigs make several noises to show emotions, they make a purr like noise when they are content, they shreik when startled or scared, and they wheek most of the rest of the time, curious, happy, hungry, or just plain talkative! they also do this thing called popcorning, where they jump almost spasticly around wheeking, this means they are really happy or excited, like if they get a bigger cage or a snack, or are just feeling really happy!

  • My Buddies guinea pig makes a wheeking noise when hes upset? Has she like taken him to the vet recently?

  • guinea pigs make noise if they want something like food or attention or they make noise for attention 2. they make noise whenever they want. Anything YES they make it all of the time! it is a loud squeal usually and it can get annoying sometimes.

  • Vee vee vee means hurry up and get my food! Also called wheeking.

    Squeeeeeak means stop that – this might be when your friend goes to pick up her piggy if he is alarmed or not ready – not a happy sound..

    Brrrr means stop that at once, e.g. a sound the piggy doesn’t like such as a bird singing

    Diddly-diddly-diddly means I’m happy, everything’s all right, when settled down for a cuddle or just mooching about.

    So it could be a happy sound depending on the circumstances.

    I’m curious why you call the little piggy a thing…the piggy will have his own personality and little ways, not a thing like a toy.

  • When I had guinea pigs, they used to wheep whenever I walked into the room (I always fed them). If the cat came in and got into the room and scared them, they wheeped, but it actually has a different tone to it. There is a kind of purring noise that they make when they are sick or “in the mood”. So the wheeping noise can have a number of meanings. When you own a pig, you get to know by the tone of the wheep, what his mood is at that time.

  • It’s generally a happy sound, they also use wheeking to call out to other pigs. “Rumblestrutting”(purring) is a dominance or angry noise.

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