is gussaci a real brand name?

my aunt got me a very pretty tote its very large and the hardware on it is metal not plastic.

i wanted to know if it was a real brand.

all i know is it is italian and my aunt got it for 80$.

here is the website:

and here is the only picture i could find that has the TOTE print but its very similar to this:…

6 Answers

  • i googled it and went to the main website and it has it in english france and other languages. So it would be hard to fake out that many people if you know what i mean bt on the other hand it sounds a lot like Gucci

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  • Hard to tell. The website seems semi legit, but then again it’s really not that hard to make a website look real. Personally I would say it is not a real brand name and more of a knock off of the brand Gucci.

  • I bought a purse and I like it. It seems as though the leather on it is real. But I would like to know if the brand is legit

  • gussaci real brand

  • Gussaci

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