Is human biology hard?

I’ve been in college since Fall 08. So far I have received:

5 A’s

2 A-

1 B+

I’m currently in a microbiology class (summer class, so everything is crammed, making it a lot harder for me to get an A) and my grade is hovering between a B- and a B.

I’ll be taking a second summer class (starting next week, once I finish microbiology) and that is human biology. Is this going to be hard for me as well? Microbiology is hard, so will human be hard as well?

By the way, the first grades I mentioned were from general studies. Such as English 1 and 2, Psychology, Speech, etc. Easy classes really.

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  • There are a lot of variables. What level is the class? If it’s an intro class it may not be as difficult as a 400 or 500 level. Also if you know the name of the professor teaching it it’s possible to look up what previous students thought of him or her using sites such as

    Personally, I took human physiology this past semester and I found it very intense. I think I ended up getting a B, but that was after doing a lot of studying and extra credit work. I enjoyed the class, but it was a 400 level and there was just so much information crammed into every lecture that it can be very overwhelming. You just have to be prepared to do a lot of studying and reading out of class if you want to do well. It is a very interesting subject though, especially if you are majoring in biology or just have a great interest in it.

  • I didn’t find it hard, but my high school biology had prepared me well for it. But there’s nothing there you can’t learn by studying.

  • I have retaken classes before with no bad results, actually when you take it a second time you do better. My sister retook her last year of her teaching degree twice and was the better teacher as a result because she picked up on things she had missed before while reinforcing the stuff that she had gotten right the first time. They only look at your mark, not how many times you took it.

  • Is human biology hard?

    Nothing should be more natural…

    (couldn’t resist.)

  • I am in 7th grade (now going into 8th) and already studied the human body. It’s pretty simple when it’s divided into the systems. You learn about muscle types, uh cells, artieries, digestive systems, enzymes, uhh and many other things. It’s pretty simple (for me). Every body system is connected in some way. And I don’t think you should be worried.

    Source(s): I had a whole year about the human body/cells/and frogs. lol

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