Is it a Hipaa violation when a drs office allows their “outreach team” (no medical professionals) have access to your medical files?

Basically for the purpose of harassing you about medical tests they want to perform. No Dr. has called me–just receptionists and a “medical counselor”-whatever the hell that is.

3 Answers

  • No, not really. You can and should ask that they cease and desist. They do it like a sales team promotes you to buy accessories for cars. The more you buy? The fatter the profit. In the case of a medical office? The less liability they have. Because guess what? You you don’t take a test they offer? You have a problem the refused test would have revealed? You have no case against them–because they offered and you refused.

    Nice Catch 22 if you ask me—

  • No.

  • Absolutely not.These people are a part of the practice and as such have access to your information. There is no requirement that they be “medical professionals”.

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