Is it bad for dogs to eat hominy ?

4 Answers

  • It may not be bad but there is no nutrition in corn for dogs. They can’t digest corn.

  • Can Dogs Eat Hominy

  • Artshea can i tell you that if you want your dog to be going to the toilet all the time then these will do the trick becaus would you belive me if i told you that they are a Laxative for a dog .Smile?Now i know you are thinking as you read this are they really or is the person that has just answered you question kidding me ,I phoned up my vet and he told me yes they would do this to a dog .Not happy with that answer i then went to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia and guess what the vet was right . peace to you

    Source(s): The source came from my vet and the Wikipedia encyclopedia.
  • whats hominy?

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