is it better to date someone you know or some random person on tinder?

this girl from school keeps messing with me and acting like she likes me but then when i try to make plans with her she doesn’t give me a straight answer but she’ll go on some random tinder date like every week. HELP!

4 Answers

  • Depending how she “acts” i guess. Tinder prioritises looks>personality (obviously), so maybe on Tinder she’d be attracted to the guy which makes her feel like she would want to date them? And knowing if she does get a match from swiped right with, it would think that this attractive guy would think she’s attractive too.

  • Random Tinder dates excite her rather than being committed to one relationship. If she’s not giving you a solid answer and date to meet up, why continue to wait for her? You’re putting your life on hold for somebody that isn’t very clear with you.

  • she doesn’t like you

  • It doesn’t really matter as long as you like each other

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