is it correct grammer to say my aunt and i…. or my aunt and me?

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  • Subject: definitely “My aunt and I”. Object and other accusative constructs: it’s argued about.

    The standard form for the object would be “my aunt and me”:

    My uncle hated my aunt and me.

    My uncle booked tickets for my aunt and me.

    But hypercorrection has become so widespread (maybe due to fogged teaching leaving people thinking the “me” form to be invariably wrong) that “I” in the object has come to be viewed as equally acceptable:

    My uncle hated my aunt and I.

    My uncle booked tickets for my aunt and I.

    Source(s): This point is summarised in Pullum & Huddleston’s ‘A Student’s Introduction to English Grammar’, page 107… (it’s an interesting example of a variant that has become acceptable because it originated among prestige speakers; while the converse “My aunt and me” in subject position hasn’t and is low-status).
  • Aunt and I. Definitely

  • 1) My aunt and I went to the mall.

    2) Here is the picture of my aunt and me.

    Always think of the sentence without “my aunt and” and you’ll know if it’s right or not.

  • Actually, both ways are right.

    Just depends on where do you use it.

    For example: My aunt and I had dinner together last night. or This is between my aunt and me.

    Same as how you use “you and I” & “you and me”.

    The way people mix 2 ways of saying this is called “hypercorrection” in linguistic terms.

  • Just forget about the aunt part, and ask yourself whether you would use I or me in that part of the sentence.

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    My husband suggested that I go overseas with him, to visit my aunt. You have to keep phrasing together in a linear sequence. “together” makes one guessing about who is together. I’m having to assume it’s you and your husband. You also need to keep your sentences, as in subject, verb and modifiers together to be more understandable. So, by saying “My husband” what did he do?: He suggested, to “me” to go overseas, why? to visit my aunt, and to go with him. Commas are important to keep the line of thought in order, so a prepostion, like “to” has to be separated by commas.

  • My Aunt and I is the correct grammer.

    hope this helps 🙂

  • my aunt and i is correct. but i slip up all the time hehe

  • “My aunt and I” is correct English grammar.

    Source(s): English native
  • uhh… it depends entirely on what the rest of the sentence is. for example “my aunt and i are doing… whatever” and “this is a picture of my aunt and me” are both right

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