Is it IBS or something more serious?

so about a week ago I started experiencing symptoms like: Abdominal pain (dull/constant but not sharp), Bloating/gas, Loss of appetite a lot lately/weight loss, change in bowel habits, back & leg pain, nauseous/overheated/super fatigued/clammy, and gas. This happened about a year and a half ago where I had blood tests done and they came to the consensus it was IBS and an ultrasound showed tiny ovarian cysts. It went away but now it s flaring up again. Is it just IBS or could it be something like ovarian cancer??

2 Answers

  • Most of the wheat that is grown today is now GMO and completely different from the wheat that was grown 20 years ago. Most likely that’s responsible for the dramatic rise in Acid Reflux. Leaky Gut, IBS and so many other digestive disorders. Ask the FDA to show us where GMO foods are better for you than non-GMO foods. .

  • Only idiots and trolls jump to assuming anything is cancer. Even doctors don’t diagnose cancer based on symptoms. Stop inventing things to worry about.

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