Is it illegal to park in front of a sewer line in Texas?

Texas City, TX to be more precise. I have a neighbor who has a trailer hitch parked in the street in front of a sewer line. He is partially blocking our driveway a bit, to where we have to park a few feet farther to be able to back out safely, but we’re still in the driveway. What should I do?

2 Answers

  • Sewer lines are buried in the ground so I am not sure how a vehicle could be parked in front of a sewer line. In most cities it is illegal to park where you block a driveway. Contact parking enforcement in your city and ask them to investigate. If the vehicle is illegally parked it would be ticketed and towed.

    If you sewer line you mean the drains that are along the curb, I have yet to see any place where there are restrictions about parking on or near them.

  • Blocking a sewer isn’t illegal bt blocking your driveway is.

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