Is it illegal to wear a FBI jacket?

Like the one in this link….

6 Answers

  • No, FBI may stand for many things not just Federal Investigation Bureau. However, if you use this as an advantage than it will be illegal not for wearing it, but for impersonating. Best of Luck

  • It’s only illegal to impersonate an FBI officer. If a reasonable person would believe you to be an FBI officer while you were wearing the shirt, then yes. Otherwise, there is still such a thing as freedom of speech in this country and that extends to T-shirts.

  • probably not unless you try to impersonate a fbi agent, people dress up like cops all the time

  • no but it is to act lke u are a fbi agent when u r not

  • You will be fine aslong as you don’t act like one.

  • i dont know but i will admit it would look sort of cool

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