Is it ironic for Trump Haters to mock Trump 4 not Building His Wall yet when Obama campaigned on closing Gtmo and had 8 years to get it done?

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  • Why would you close Gtmo? That’s the best place for criminals.

  • Maybe. But I hate the fact Obama didn’t close Gitmo. But he was obstructed by the Right. Remember? At every turn. And the wall is a stupid idea.

  • Just secure the border. Period.

  • Except that’s not happening. Unlike his supporters, tRrump haters have enough brains to know that his preposterous wall would take years, possibly decades to build, not 4 months.

  • Obama could not let them go

    He found out all the prisoners had been TORTURED by Bush and could not be tried for terrorism

  • Contards like this dumbass keep asking inane questions about Obama to try and take the focus off of the failing orange imbecile they voted into the presidential office.

  • No. We tend to follow the reasons for why things don’t get done in DC. That’s what reasonable people do. Obama couldn’t get Gitmo closed for purely political reasons. It was and still is a political football between the GOP and Democrats. Trump gets mocked for his Wall because even his own party won’t give him the outlandish amount of money he needs to build something the border states don’t even want. Mexico will pay for the wall!! Um no they’re really not, the American TAXPAYER will pay for it.

  • Not really, given that the Repubs did everything they could think of to block the closure of Gitmo.

  • Isn’t it ironic how republicans blocked Obama on everything he wanted to do? Like close gitmo?

  • Either I just had a stroke or you possess the typical lexicon of a conservative

    Sentence structure is important for expressing oneself contard

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