is it late to read harry potter and the order of Phoenix at age 21?

i have read the previous books when i was a teen and i also watched the movies

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  • It’s never too late to read Harry Potter. People say the books are only for children, but that’s not true. Harry Potter can be enjoyed by anyone at any age, and that’s what makes them so special.

  • There’s no ideal age to read Harry Potter, mate. It is a series/franchise widely celebrated amongst young and mature demographics alike. I myself am purchasing the books to get started on reading the series again. You could be NINETY and read those books. Nothing outlandish about that to any degree.

  • no. never

  • definitely not!! please please finish it

  • Not at all. I’m 60 and started reading them when they were first published. I still read them regularly.

    They’re brilliantly written, totally absorbing and a work of genius.

    People enjoy them (and the films) at any age, from 5 years old to 105.

    But DO start at the beginning – The Philosopher’s Stone – and work through them in order.

  • If you’re a Scottish nationalist, yes. Otherwise go for it, y’ daft sod.

  • Not at all! I didn’t begin reading the Harry Potter series until I was 21 – I’m 25 now and I’ve read the complete series three times now, in addition to tons of other books in between. 🙂 I was never interested in Harry Potter growing up – never saw the movies either until after I read the books – but I ended up falling in love with the series once I finally gave it a chance, and then I’d wished I’d started sooner. All these years I could’ve been enjoying them… 🙂

    So no, you’re not too old, and it’s not too late, to begin reading the HP series. I hope you enjoy.

    P.S. Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince were my two favorite books in the series.

  • Not if you don’t mind being rather pathetic.

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