is it normal if your dog eats ants?

my dog tries to eat ants! is that normal? and obviously accidents will happen indoors but what if you dont catch them in the act what do you do? thank youu:)

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  • Very normal, both my dogs do this and the vet said it's not going to harm them. Mine like to play with them then eat's really gross and I tried to stop them but I give

  • All dogs have a prey drive. Ants are easy and fun prey for a domestic dog. It's completely normal. I'd rather my dogs get rid of the bugs than have to do it myself 🙂

  • Probably, or at least i hope! My dog tries to eat them too - it's funny to watch her watch an ant crawl by on the deck, then pounce on it. Sometimes she catches it and sometimes she doesn't.

    The only time i jump in is if she catches a really big bug. Once she had a beetle the size of her eye and i had to pry it away - it lived, but i didn't want her eating that! And when she goes after wasps, i don't want her stung.

    She also goes after lightening bugs when they come around - it's fun to watch he jump and try to catch them!

  • yes its normal. i dont think you should stop him because hes just playiing/hunting. if its really a bother to you you can go to lowes, home depot, ace hardware and get some ant repelant that will keep ants away.

  • Yup, it's normal. My dog snatches flys, moths and even butterflys from the air.

  • I'm sure it's fine. A lot of dogs also snatch flies right out of the air.

  • Most dogs do this. Some stop when they learn they can get unpleasantly bitten :)))

    Leave your dog alone.

    Hey Bossoli 🙂

    Long time no see!!! :))

  • i think it is pretty normal. i had a dog(german shephard) and she ate bee's. so i guess its pretty normal

  • I have never had about that. So I find it strange..

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