Is it ok to eat heated up coleslaw?

I had a takeout box and there was a side of coleslaw in it..but, I forgot and accidentally left it in there and heated the whole thing up. I put it in the fridge already..but is it ok to eat still, or no?

I heated it in the microwave and it was in a little styrafoam container.

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  • It sounds gross like to me and I wouldn’t personally try it myself.

  • Heating it and then cooling it back down in the fridge or freezer should not be an issue, other than the fact that the cabbage may be a bit soggy or soft.

    If you heated it in the original container and the cole slaw was in a styrofoam cup make sure none of that melted and went into the coleslaw. The chemicals in the styrofoam are not good for you and some studies suggest they are carcinogens (can cause cancer). Always remove the food from a styrofoam container and heat it up in the microwave on a plate.

  • Warm Coleslaw

  • I think as long as it has been heated up by the microwave, or by being pressed up next to hot food. If it’s heated from being left out then STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!! Cole slaw and potatoe salad are infamous for giving people food poisoning!

  • if it smells ok and aint got no bad taste then eat it

    if you aint sure then chunk it

    I hate stomach pros worse than

    anythang else

  • no.

    don’t heat coleslaw. it is served cold.

  • I don’t think it would hurt you but it sounds pretty gross

  • Yes its ok

  • I wouldn’t lol – but I don’t think it will hurt you –

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