is it ok to put the computer monitor on top of the ps4?

I have a small desk. I was just wondering if it’s ok to put a computer monitor with stand on top of the ps4

5 Answers

  • A crt monitor, heck no ! a flat screen monitor still i would have to agree with the guys the answers is no because of vents on the ps4

  • There are no vents on top of the PS4. It should be okay to place a light LCD monitor on top of it.

  • No. The PS4 has vents in the top and sides that help cool the hardware that is inside. Blocking these vents could easily cause the PS4 to overheat and burnout in a short amount of time.

    The same thing applies to DVDs players, xbox, cable boxes etc… you shouldn’t put anything on top of them. And they should never be placed on carpets or rugs.

  • Not really it may block the exhaust from where the hot air comes out and it may get really really hot what is bad so if it doesn’t block the airflow for ps4 then it’s ok.

  • No I know better than CRT. It’s a LCD monitor. I’ll just get a stand for it then. Thanks yall

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