Is it okay to be scared of animals?

Hello, can anyone please provide insight as to why this event made me scared of animals? It still strikes me as odd because nothing “scary” actually happened.

I was never fearful of any animals until I visited a petting zoo when I was a child. As I walked into the petting area and sat down, one of the workers put a rabbit on my lap. I remember feeling quite excited to pet it. But the moment I brushed the rabbit’s body, I felt its heartbeat. I don’t know why but that feeling was incredibly odd. Its heartbeat felt so human, yet physically its body did not look like one. I remember just being frozen, unable to move, as I felt the rabbit’s heartbeat against my skin. Time and everyone around me seemed to move slowly. The rabbit’s heart was the only thing I could hear and feel. From that moment on I’ve became scared of all animals in general.

1 Answer

  • The rabbit’s heartbeat is much faster than a humans, which may have made you think the rabbit was afraid, or something.  

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