Is it okay to smoke weed after you get your tooth extracted?

I just got my tooth extracted and I was wondering if it would be okay

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  • When I had my 4 wisdom teeth out.. I had a hard time NOT smoking.. being an everyday regular smoker.. cigarettes and trees. I smoked anyways, just not as often.. I definitely had a lot of irritation .. but I like my ganja so it was all worth it.. jus make sure to rinse after u smoke n get some good pain killers! lol

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  • Someone Who Isn’t Me has gone through this twice. Once you get your tooth pulled the dentist should pack a gauze where your tooth was. DON TOUCH IT! This is step is extremely important. You want the bold to clot (scab up and stop bleeding). So make sure the original gauze stays completely still for the first hour or so. Then take it out, if you bleed really bad, repack it with moistened gauze. Don’t smoke anything with your mouth at this point, your clot is still weak. Your clot is your friend. Keep your clot. If you really need to smoke bud the easiest way is through your nose. You want to AVOID BONGS or anything that requires any sucking through your mouth. S.W.I.M. found that a small CLEAN bubbler works best as it filters the smoke, making hits less harsh. Having a close friend who doesn’t mind your snot on the mouthpiece helps. Put the mouthpiece of a rolling bubbler or bowl into one nostril and plug the other. It will burn the first couple times but you’ll get used to it.

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  • If you wanna be in excruciating pain for days on end, then go ahead.

    After an extraction, you shouldn’t smoke or drink anything through a straw (or suck on anything for that matter) because the sucking dislodges the blood clot that forms in the tooth socket and it will start bleeding again and be very very VERY V-E-R-Y painful! The only way to get rid of the pain is to go back to the dentist and have a medicated dressing put inside the socket. (which smells and tastes horrible). So no it’s not ok to smoke after your tooth extraction!!

  • You shouldn’t smoke anything after a tooth extraction. Also don’t suck through a straw or suck on hard candy. The sucking action can pull the packing and blood clot out of the extraction site and cause what dentists call a dry socket. I have had this and believe me, you don’t want it. It actually exposes the bone to air and hurts like nothing you’ve ever had.

  • I smoke a lot so not smoking wasn’t an option. I can’t tell you what to do but I’ll just share my story..

    I sparked a blunt right after surgery..

    Smoked probably 2 or 3 more that night. I was cautious every time though, taking small hits and giving it up before the roach since it requires more sucking. I was flying so my stitches were taken out third day.

    I took a lot of hits at of a bong in Europe I just had my girl milk it for me since again it’s a lot of sucking. The first few times I used some wet cotton to cover it but I felt like that agitated it more than the smoke. I don’t smoke tobacco but I heard that’s pretty much how ppl get dry socket. I was terrified of DRY SOCKET! But I literally smoked all day and even drank a lot when I got to Europe. I was just very conscience of my extraction area making sure I don’t over due it with smoking or getting food in there. If you stay conscience you’re good. Gargle warm salt water. Keep your blood clot! Don’t **** with it!

  • Ive had a few teeth pulled and always smoked the same day. You most likely wont get a dry socket if you are very and I mean very careful about your inhaling. Dont take big drags just short little puffs and you should be fine. It also helps if you keep gaize in your mouth and clamp down hard with your teeth while inhaling that helps not to really be sucking so much ive noticed. Dry socket sucks ive had it years ago when i didnt even smoke so you could get it no matter what you do. I say just be careful and smoke up you should be fine. Good Luck 🙂

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  • NO, you do not want to smoke anything for a few days. It is the sucking action of smoking as well as the smoke that can cause dry socket. That is why they tell you not to smoke cigarettes. They do not mentioned weed since it is assumed that you do not smoke illegal substances

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