Is it really bad to do worse on the PSATS the second time you take it?

I just got my PSATS score this morning (I’m a junior in hs) and I got an 1130. As a sophomore, I got an 1140. I know my parents are going to be extremely disappointed and I don’t know how to tell them but is it extremely bad to do worse the second year?

I’ve only done online school this year and I’m not really learning anything new but I don’t think that’s an excuse… does my lower score on average show that I cant get into a top college?

I’m just really worried about what my parents will think sorry if this is a stupid question

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  • I don’t think they will be too upset considering the circumstances, and don’t worry, it’s not a stupid question.  I’m only in tenth grade so I just took the PSAT once, but my brother took the PSAT and his score went up from sophomore to junior year, but not a ton.  In fact, he took the SAT three times, and his best time on the reading section was during his junior year, not his senior year.  He submitted his second SAT score (taken during senior year) because reading was decent and math was really good, but the point is that every time he took it his reading score dropped slightly, even despite a bit of studying.  Sometimes that happens. 

    Given the pandemic and challenges of learning online, I’d say that it actually is a legitimate excuse because even though my school has done OK with online schooling we are still not getting through nearly as much material as past years, yet multiple people (including myself) are struggling.  Also one test isn’t really indicative of anything.  There’s a lot going on right now…

    Also your score isn’t bad, and it’s not like it decreased by 100 or even 50 points.  It’s possible you even got the same amount of questions wrong as last year, or even did slightly better.  In my book, it’s pretty much the same score.  🙂

  • random variation is what you’re seeing.

  • This exam doesn’t count for anything.  Colleges are not going to ask for your PSAT results.  It really isn’t anything to get worked up about. 

  • all kids are suffering academically because of the pandemic. your parents know this and will understand. if they are angry, it won’t be at you. it will be at their politicians and the teacher’s union. 

  • That isn’t really anything but the same.  Not improving might be a problem, but anyone saying you did worse is exaggerating.  That is just a coin flip difference.

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