Is it rude that my friend told me to sleep on the couch?

So me, my friend, his brother and his other friend came out of town and we got a Airbnb apartment. It has only 1 queen bed. He asked if I could sleep on the couch, I find that disrespectful. At first his other friend was not gonna come but he came at the last minute. And only me and my friend paid half for the room, his brother and his other friend did not pay anything. So the bed only fits 3 people. And me my friend and his brother have slept on beds together comportable but obviously a 4th person wouldn’t be comportable. I just feel like his other friend should have not came or at least helped pay for room because I believe that whoever paid for the room should get the most out of it which is sleeping on the bed, and not the couch. And again only me and my friend paid out of 4 people here.

So is this rude? I find it rude. I’m thinking of just going to a hotel for the rest of the weekend

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  • Quite rude- the bed should have been yours to sleep on you paid for it. Though on the other hand if the couch is comfortable might be a good thing you don’t have to sleep with the other two guys.

  • You have learned a valuable lesson in life. When renting a place, each person that stays there pays the same amount of rent. If it’s 5 (i.e.) divide the price by 5 and all need to pay before you go. If the couch is uncomfortable, by all means rent a room and have it to yourself. It hardly ever works out when so many people share one small place.

  • I would guess it was unfair situation. You’re right; if your put your money into something, then you should get some benefit from it. It was unfair for those that didn’t pay to reap the benefits. Honestly, though, the couch would have been better, because you have the room to yourself rather than having to adjust and waking up others moving around you.

    If this bothers you, I would talk to your friend about it. Maybe your friend just didn’t realize this point of view that you have and may end up agreeing with you.

  • “And again only me and my friend paid out of 4 people here. “

    When that happens again, make arrangement before you pay, WHO WILL BE SLEEPING where.

    Lesson learned.

    But yes, you paid for it, you should share bed with him. That was rude.

  • I would rather sleep on a couch, but to each their own. On being rude, no.

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