is it safe 2eat bread that smells like finger nail polish?

it's not moldy or that old but it smells odd & i'm worried.

but hungry 2 lol, can i eat it??

21 Answers

  • i'd leave it alone!

  • Nail polish remover is usually acetone, and that's probably the chemical being released by the mold in your bread. Although the mold is most likely harmless, there are a few nasty molds that infect grains. Acetone itself is toxic, but the levels in your bread are probably too low to do any damage.

    I found this site that says an acetone smell is a common problem in the early stages of creating a sourdough starter:

  • I just had bread like that the other day. It was a fresh baked Italian loaf about 3 days old. I ended up eating it (I made a hamburger and need something to eat it on).

    I didn't get sick. But I'm a beast. I wouldn't eat it if I were you. It's not worth the risk.

  • lol. sometimes food can go bad before the expiration date. ive had moldy bread 2 days after being purchased. so if it smells funky dont eat it. you might end up with food posoning or an infection. i would eat something else if i were you

  • I just had 4 slices like that today before looking up this question on here. So far no problem-o, but now that I know it could very well be mold, I am giving it up.

  • Actually yeah, it's fine to eat. Mine smelled like that but tasted just fine and didn't do me any damage.

  • There is a lot of different breads out there. I have had one that smells weird, but it was fine. Go ahead.

  • My bread smelled like that the other day, I tossed it, wouldn't recommend eating it!

  • AHHH.! OMG that happened to me ALL last year at lunch, i would open my sadwitch & it would like smell like that, i wouldn't eat it. But i just found out it may be molded, & showing signs for starting to mold, i would just throw the whole thing away.!

  • Are you seriously asking this question? Why would you eat ANYTHING that smells like that? You need to find some other way to get attention.

  • when in doubt walk away, bread is cheap not worth the risk

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