Is it safe to use a bug bomb in a self-storage unit?

I didn’t have ants in my previous home. I moved everything into a 10×20′ self-storage unit 2 weeks ago. I am getting ready to move into my new home and now there are ants all over everything. I want to kill the ants before I move my belongings into my new home. Is it ok to use an aerosol bug bomb?

5 Answers

  • I would use traps or boric acid and sugar mixture instead. You don’t want to have to clean everything in the unit after using a bug bomb.

  • You will get that stuff all over your belongings, and that stuff is awful. But if the problem is bad enough, go ahead, but wash anything that can be washed (clothes and such) before bringing them into your house. And make sure nothing living (like plants or animals) or edible (food of any kind) is in there.

  • i would unpack out side and then was everything with clorox. i am about to set off some bug bombs in the house monday morning before we leave for south carolina on vacation. we ahve fleas thati never noticed before the cat ran away. they are eating us alive.

  • Yup just follow the instructions. Use paper towels and remove or post wash eating utensils or food.

  • Check with the landlord so you don’t have liability for the neighbor’s stash. You have no idea what the neighbors have stored.

    I have had good results with Terro, available at any hardware store. TIP: use *little* drops, not big drops.

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