Is it true British people never, ever have a Melton Mowbray pork pie for breakfast, only for lunch, and never put water from the hot tap in ?

the kettle to boil for tea, only from the cold

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  • Hot water has contaminants from the sacrificial Annode inside the Hot water System which i replace every 4 years the anode is aluminium

    so Water from the Cold tap makes good Tea with No Contaminates

    Melton Mowbray pork pie

    The Pork pie I prefer it as a snack for Lunch with Chips and Gravy

    and MY BMI is a Very Nice 23 and I am Over 80 eating well is always Good and better than Mcdonalds

  • It’s not usual but I’m sure that out of 60 odd million of us, some might have a pork pie for breakfast. 

    We can eat anything we fancy. For instance, I have been known to have chocolate cake and milk!Some old hot water systems use a tank in the loft. It can get tainted over a period. The cold tap is from the mains, so is always safe to drink.

  • That’s a classy pie which I would eat at any time of day, though I doubt I’ve ever had one for breakfast. Often eaten at lunch or dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever put water from ther hot tap in the kettle when making tea.

  • No.  There used to be a lot of houses with hot tanks on the upper floor, and water from these was not good to drink from.  Nowadays it is more common for hot water to come straight from the boiler, which is OK for putting in a kettle.   You wouldn’t want a pork pie for breakfast, you would want something hot.  Like sausages.

  • Can’t remember having pork pie for breakfast, more often for picnics or parties.

    I normally put cold water in the kettle because it takes sometime for the hot water to come through and I don’t want to waste water.

  • Yes it is true. 

  • hot water heaters have an ANODE rod that puts aluminum alzheimers causer into the water. NEVER drink hot water heater water. In Russia, hot water is piped from a nearby heating station which heats the houses as well. It may serve 3000 people. (or more??) We never drink the hot tap water.

  • …….yes……

  • Never heard of that pork pie and yes cold water into kettle. But everyone is obviously different

  • Unless the hot and cold taps use the same tank.

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