Is it true that food is a lot cheaper outside of London?

I live in east london and no matter how cheap I try to make my shopping it always ends up being £160-£180 every week! There’s 4 adults btw. I cook from scratch so I buy lots of fresh fruit and veg, lean meats and stuff. I never buy name brands either. I don’t buy ready meals or anything like that and I certainly don’t buy alcohol or ciggarettes. I read online people boasting about how their shopping bill is something like £80 a week for them and their family and I’m just thinking HOW!? Now I’m wondering if it’s because food is much cheaper outside of London

4 Answers

  • No, the supermarket prices are same, Tescos, Morrisons etc.

    No one can feed a family of 4 on £80 a week.

  • Supermarket foods from the majority of supermarkets are the same across the UK. It’s only when you get ot the likes of Budgens where you find proce differences.

    If you were looking at fast food resturants then they can be as much as 50% cheaper away from london! I’m in Middlesbrough and lets say we wanted 2x 12″ pizzas, that’d cost about £6 up here!

  • Matters which kind of food.

  • Dbj

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