Is it true that some Catholic Priest and nuns wear chasitity belts ?

ive heard that some Catholic Priest and nuns wear Chastity belts . some where em permanently while some were em during their training.

If yes what is the reason ?

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  • To practice celibacy is a hard task.Mostly the practioners try their level best to do it by control of the senses. At times they may need, when in doubt, when they loose self confidence, they may resort to external help or devices.What do you find wrong in it?

    Better practice asking chaste questions and avoid unchaste questions like this. Controversy will not lead you to God.

  • The practice of celibacy is a very difficult task, and sometimes satan himself does the temptation directly

    In this long and difficult journey, sometimes u may experience a situation where ‘the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’

    It is at this time that one may wear chastity belts as a last resort, a physical way of fighting temptation, when one by one all pillars of defence start crumbling.

    To be a sucessful celibate, even with the use of chastity belts, is an achievement

    I do not know whether it is done today.

  • Just another silly question to skirt the real important issue

    about a belief in God. This is like asking if it is really a sin to eat pork or think lustful thoughts about a hot sexy woman

    you might view on the beach next Saturday.

    Instead of making issues about subjects like this, perhaps you should look within, then come to some peaceful conclusion. Isms do not save anybody, and what people wear is their own business!

  • I think Catholic doctrine and traditions are full of error, but I don’t think it’s a cult. Obviously, many Protestants have a problem with Catholic doctrine and traditions, or the Protestant Reformation would not have occurred. That’s where we get the title “Protestant” from. The bible the Catholic church uses has several books that are not in the canon, and the Protestants don’t have them in their bibles. Many doctrinal teachings and traditions of Catholicism come from these books. I don’t have a problem with priests and nuns, but I don’t’ believe it is commanded that to be a teacher or preacher requires one’s celibacy.

  • I’ve never heard of a male chastity belt – lol!

  • No they do not wear those Archaic devices from the middle ages, they are perfectly capable of being chaste without those contraptions!.

  • I am not Christian or Catholic and even I know they they do not wear them that is Middle age thinking my friend.

  • Who’d you hear that from ? The same guy that sniffs bicycle seats ?

  • no idea, but if that is the case why do they go for service like that? it should be from within.

  • no why would they. people have the ability to maintain a chaste life without one — trust me – i know! some of us can maintain our urges and desires without resorting to something like that. we know we aren’t animals rutting about in heat.

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