Is it true that when it rains, God is crying?

I've heard that rain is God's tears and thunder is him throwing a tantrum because he's mad and stuff. What I want to know is if this is true why isn't anyone cheering him up? Especially Jesus. He's his son after all and the only one who can communicate with him apparently cause he's antisocial or something. I don't know, people just are really mean today and I think we should just cheer him up already.

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  • I got into trouble for this once.

    My niece asked me "Where does rain come from?"

    Remembering an old joke, I replied "It's God crying."

    She asked (falling for the bait) "Why is God crying?"

    I said "Must have been something you did."

    Her mother gave me an earful not long after 😛

  • I always believed that.

    And when it thunders, I always think God is mad at the world, at His creations and what we are doing to His Earth.

  • to monkeybumpants

    How much of an SNL watcher were you?

  • "My mama say that alligators is so ornery 'cause they got all them teeth and no toothbrush."

    - Bobby Boucher

  • No, it's Zeus pissing through a sieve.

  • that would be considered fairy tale nonsense and should not be told to children.

  • psssh no that just like what people say

  • No it's just water that come from the oceans and lakes...

    God doesn't exist


  • No not at all...

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