Is it worth getting a 4K Blu-ray player?

Is it worth getting a 4K Blu-ray player for my 4K TV? Or is 4K Blu-ray become obsolete due to lack of popularity?

7 Answers

  • Just stick with a dvd unit mate. It’s much cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and you won’t notice the difference in it. ‘4K’ is just another marketing term used by the big box stores, allowing them to up the price of certain home electronics.

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  • It’s a niche market.If you are rich and can afford $30 and up for discs then go for it.

  • That would depend on whether or not you own, or plan to buy any 4K BluRays.

  • At some point higher resolution provides little improvement in picture quality.

    Most find that 4K is only slightly better than 1080P and now 8K is out so you have to ask yourself how good is good enough.

  • It is far as richer, deeper and brighter images with sharp detail and advanced surround sound

  • Not obsolete, but definitely not overly popular, either.  

    To most people it’s like high-end audio — OK for those who demand it 

    but not a vital necessity for the ordinary person.  

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