Is Judaism monotheistic or polytheistic? And what are the deities called?

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  • Monotheistic, his name is YHWH or just God but out of reverence for the name they say Adonai or write G-d.

  • Is Judaism Monotheistic Or Polytheistic

  • Is Judaism Monotheistic

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    Is Judaism monotheistic or polytheistic? And what are the deities called?

    same project

  • Judaism is monotheistic. It is considered by many to be the parent religion of Christianity, and Jesus himself was a Jew. Islam claims some of the Tanakh and the Bible as part of their religion, including one G-d (whom they refer to as Allah).

    I have seen some cruel and mean spirited individuals claim that Judaism is polytheistic, using the claim that G-d uses we. This is the same as some monarchs using the royal we: The use the pronoun even though they mean solely themselves. As one person has already said: Sh'ma Yisrael, Adounai Elohenu, Adounai Ekhad (O hear, the people Israel, G-d is your G-d, G-d Alone).

    We Jews have many names for him: YHVH, Adounai, El Shaddai, Shekinah, El, Melekh Ha'Olam, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, etc.

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    Yes. The Old testament Bible has numerous references mentioning other gods(frequently to deny their existence). And NT part rather elaborates on existence and power of a enemy god called "Satan" with higher power than usually thought than in the old testament. Modern Judaism as different explaination for Angels, demons and lucifer. But they aren't accurate... Islam being a edited copy of Bible(arabized) is ditto the same. Hence all 3 religions can be considered henotheistic by common sense apart from what the sales points released by those religions read(bcoz they are biased and prejudiced). Never trust them.

  • For Judaism, that is incorrect. It is probably incorrect for Islam (from what I know of Islam). I understand where you are coming from. But, you are basing the idea on a misunderstanding of what angels are in Judaism. Angels are not "technically like any lesser god." In Hebrew, the word for "angel" is "messenger." In essence, an angel is a messenger of G-d. Another way to look at it is that an angel is the manifestation of G-d's effects in the world. They are not independent entities with free will, as "lesser gods" would be. In Judaism the relationship between G-d and angels is not like zeus and a minor diety. I suppose the closest it would come in those terms would be the relationship between zeus and his lightening bolts. And Judaism does not have a "devil" as Christianity does. I do agree with you that the Christian conception of the devil does meet those requirements though.

  • Judaism was the first monotheistic religion, We normally say HaShem which means - The Name when referring to the Creator.

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  • One Deity YHVH (G-d)

    therefore monotheistic

  • Monotheistic, and god.

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