Is Kicking a little girl something ONLY Shawn Michaels can pull off?

I mean if Orton Punts a little girl it would be sick and wrong, HBK does it and it’s funny…

BQ: do you think he kicks puppies too? Or just little girls?

I doubt that, I love HBK and all but if he takes a dump on my pillow it’s all over! LMAO

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  • People have missed him so much that he could probably take a dump on their pillows and they would still love him. I haven’t seen Raw yet, but from what i have read, she deserved it

    BQ: Nah doubt it.

  • Yea I Agree.As Long As Your A Face & You Are A Legend You Can Do What Ever You Want & Still Not Get In Trouble For Everything.But If Your In The Top Heels Of All Time Like Randy Orton He Always Gets In Trouble.Now This Is What Randy Should Do.There Is A 5-10 Age Girl In The Crowd Booing Him.He Is Already Mad So He Walks Up To Her Throws Her Over The Barricade Then Punt Her In The Skull.

    BQ:I Think He Just Walks Up To Random Girls Off The Street & Kicks Them.

  • Shawn Michaels Funny

  • I agree. If it were Orton it would be so despicable but with HBK it’s laugh out loud funny. I hope Shawn gets kicked in the face.

  • First Off , You KNOW You would Sell an HBK Poo Pillow on Ebay for some Big Money. Don’t Lie…

    HBK can Kick Whoever the Hell He wants! He’s HBK!! Or…Mr. Hickenbottom… (Stupid Manager had it coming)

    BQ – Not Puppies. Babies are possible though…

  • LMAO it was hilarious!! My mother was watching RAW too, and she asked me if some people would be pissed about it. I said, “Nahh, HBK can get away with that.”

    And he can. Randy never could because he’s supposed to be an obnoxious heel. I bet Taker or Cena could get away with it too, though, lol.

    BQ: LOL, probably not puppies. Just the little girls. Maybe a few old ladies.

  • I’m happy to see Hbk back in action ive missed seeing him on raw..Welcome back Hbk hope you stay for awhile and anything shawn micheals does he funny and im glad him and triple h r back together as a tag team they make a awsome tag team.

  • When he kicked the girl I thouht it was funny but there is also a catch that I caught fromanother users on here. Could when HBK kicked here could that have meant that WWE was getting rid of the PG and going back to TV-14.

  • 1.Well, it is meant to be funny

    2.That little girl deserved it (in the storyline of course)

    3.Anything HBK does is O.K.

    4.No…I really don’t think he kicks puppies…

    5.YAY!! HBK IS BACK!!

  • Yeah definitely only Shawn could pull that off. Well, I would think it’s funny regardless of who does it, but I’m a strange person.

  • only hbk could pull that off well maybe him and brayn danielson but danielson has to be in front of a roh crowd

    bq: he could kick a lets make a wish kid and still get away with that

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