Is Kosher gelatin in yoplait yogurt halal?

I've been looking up an answer to that question for the past hour and realized everyone's got a variety of opinions. Some say the kosher gelatin in yoplait yogurt is agar-agar or fish derived since to qualify to be kosher, meat and diary products cannot be combined. I've also come across comments saying kosher gelatin in yoplait is beef derived and since it would be non-zabiha (which is an entirely separate conflicting topic) is not halaal.

So hoping to read some useful insight. Thank you!

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  • I am a former chef and there is no gelatin made from Fish anywhere, agar and carrageenan are made from a type of seaweed, it is not a living plant, they extract the proteins which when heated an chilled gel and set foods, they use them in candy, pie fillings, ice creams and other foods they are both Kosher and Halal as they are not animal derived and can be used with dairy and other foods without contradicting the dietary lays of Judaism and Islam

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    No Kosher food would include either pig or shellfish ingredients. Kosher Gelatin is almost always made from fish bones. Whether you are Sunni or Shiite this would be OK. If the gelatin is from another Kosher animal you can be assured this is Halal. Why? To be Halal, the animal must receive a blessing and then sliced with a sharp blade on the neck artery within a specific *4 inches*. The specifications for Kosher are exactly the same as Halal as far as prayer of blessing over the animal (Jews say a prayer to Hashem, not Allah). The difference is that the slice must be on the neck artery within in a specific *2 inches*. These 2 inches fall inside the prescribed area for the Halal 4 inches on the same area of the animal. You can feel confident that fish or Kosher animal gelatin, the product will always be Halal too.

  • The gelatin in Yoplait is kosher, and Yoplait Yogurt is Kosher and also Halal.

    For one, they list the gelatin on the label as "Kosher Gelatin" (I am looking at a pot of it right now). Also on the front main label it is printed Grade A KD. The KD stands for Kosher Dairy. Therefore, being kosher, it meets all Halal standards.

    Now all you have to do, it pick a flavor.

    P.S. I am writing from the U.S. If you are Canada or the U.K., then look on the front label for that KD or other kosher designation. I cannot speak to other Yoplait products made in other countries. But, if you are in the U.S., you are good to go....

  • Actually I have been reading about this too and the Yoplait gelatin is beef derived but as far as I can see it is NOT from an animal slaughtered in a Kosher method

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  • Outside of Israel, kosher beef gelatin is virtually unheard of and is not used in commercial food products. Kosher gelatin is primarily agar-agar. However, if fish based gelatin is used, that is marked on packaging due to sub-categories related to kashrut (Jewish dietary laws).

  • It's not halal. It's beef gelatin. I was bummed to find out bc I actually like their yogurt. -_-

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