Is Krav Maga worth taking?

I have been in a few fights in my 17 years of living, I usually come out on the winning side, but I would like to step my game up a knotch. I am a fairly big guy, 6’6 and 238 pounds, I am in fairly good shape as well. I was just wondering if Krav Maga is the closest and best way to go to practice for street fights. If not what would be, and what is your opinion of Krav Maga?


By the way I am not really into the whole Karate or Jui Jitsu thing. I like just regular hand to hand combat, you know, fist-fights if you will. Rather than the whole Martial Arts thing.

However I was also looking at muay thai if anyonehas any experience in that. Would that sharpen my skills more in a fight then KM?

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  • I train in Krav Maga, and let me just say that if I ran into a 6’6″ 238 lb. man trained in Krav Maga on the streets, I would strongly consider running for my dear life.

    Krav Maga is a style that was born out the necessity for an effective, practical close-quarter combat system for use on the streets or on the battlefield. So as far as training for a no-rules street fight, Krav Maga would be your best bet.

    As for the comments on going straight to jail if you ever use your Krav Maga, you don’t have to use the most brutal techniques in your arsenal for every encounter, remember (as with any martial art) you should react to the circumstances appropriately and avoid the fight completely if possible.

    And you don’t have to worry about the “art” part of “martial arts” in Krav Maga. Other than maybe a bow to your instructor at the start/end of class, its all fighting, nothing graceful or flashy about it.

    But you could always look up a school near you and watch a training session or talk with the instructors before making your desicion, which is what I did. Good luck with your desicion!

  • Long Island Krav Maga

  • Complete Krav-Maga is an excellent book. However, on page 9, it stresses that though a book can deliver information about techniques, etc.–it cannot simulate Krav-Maga training. A trained instructor can see when you are doing something wrong, point out better solutions for your body shape, size, and fitness level, and do stress drills, which help to simulate reacting during a stressful encounter. These are things you cannot get from a book. I enjoy this, and other books, as a way to review what I have already learned in class. It could never substitute going to class. If you are interested in Krav-Maga for self-defense and fitness, I recommend finding a certified instructor in your area. Most schools have both self-defense and fitness based classes. If Krav-Maga is not available in your area, there are lots of good alternative self-defense and martial arts classes. You will have to shop around to find the one the best suits you.

  • You’re one huge dude. And therefore, I would be very cautious about learning Krav Maga. It is not meant for sport fighting (even though you say it’s in the street I get the feeling that you say ‘stepping up your game’ because you find it fun).

    Krav Maga is a self defense system. It’s not meant for attack and shouldn’t be used as such. You can really hurt someone – really bad. The moves are meant to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the shortest amount of time and they include techniques like knees/kicks to the groin, punches/elbows to the face, gouges to the eyes/nose/throat.

    I’ve been taking KM for about 6 months and I love it but I really dread the day I might have to use it because I’m not sure how I’ll be able to explain myself if I end up killing or maiming the guy that attacked me. They try to teach you restraint – but in a stressful situation where you have to make a quick decision you never know what you might do.

    You might also think about Kajukenbo. It’s an American street fighting system where you can practice fist fights w/ your fellow students – Fight Club style.

    Or you could just go to your local boxing club and join up. You’ll have lots of fun sparring with your fellow students and getting all that aggression out. Plus you’ll learn some good techniques and you’ll build up your strength & stamina.

  • Check out these videos showing how to get out of a hostage situation with krav maga. If that isn’t street, I don’t know what is!

  • It will teach you to fight when your in bad situations. It will teach you to hurt someone as fast as possible and it will teach you how to go from having a gun in your face to having the gun in your hand and it will teach you great hand to hand skills. If it’s good enough for Israeli Security teams and military combat it should be good enough for street fights. If your from Nassau county long island check out KMLI. I’ve been looking into switching over to Krav Maga from muay Thai and I love Muay thai

  • if you get in a fight and successfully pull off some Krav maga techniques you will be in jail for a few years. you can easily pull an eye out rupture a testicle break a bone or possible kill some one. all of witch will land you in jail for a while. its good to know if you need to fight for your life but if you go to a bar and rip some guys balls off you will get to polish your new fighting skills in prison. something to think about.

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  • why do you need to “step up your game”? youre ****** powerful already..i wouldnt waste my time in fighting styles if you just want to be able to beat the **** out of ppl. this probly isnt changing your mind, sorry lol.

    but anyway like the other guy was saying, in a fist fight you cant really injure the other guy, you will land yourself in a deep pile of ****

    wat guys at my school do is set up fights every Friday. you COULD do that, it would be 2x more beneficial that way, experience is everything.

  • Possibly, but I am not 100% on it

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