Is little foot a girl or a boy!?

Me and my sister are watching the movie and everybody says different things it from the movie 'the land before time' plz tell me 😀

7 Answers

  • I'm pretty sure his mother refers to him as her son when she is dieing. I'd have to watch the movie again to be sure.

  • Boy

  • I have the same problem....but i just love little boys feet from the age of 4 a the age of 9!

  • Little foot is a boy



  • The Wikipedia article on this film keeps stating Littlefoot as "His", and the actor who plays his voice is male.

    this leads me to believe that Littlefoot is a boy.

    "Littlefoot, voiced by Gabriel Damon, who is orphaned after his mother is killed by a Sharptooth"

  • I think he's a boy.

  • ducky and Sarah are the girls.

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